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Internet Services


We offer 2 types of internet Services, both are unlimited in MB usage and connection time, works virtually all over Spain are portable and ready to use, if you want to know more click read more.

Delivery Services


Currently there is 3 options to obtain the tripNETer, first at the Barcelona Tourism office, second delivered to your Spanish Hotel or address and third can be picked up in a convenient place, we deliver to all Spain.

Return Services


Currently there is 3 return methods, you can send it yourself with a certified courier, you can drop it off in convenient place near you or if was rented in Barcelona tourism return it there.

Extra Useful Stuff


You can add to your order 3 extra useful stuff like the European wall charger, the car charger or a cosmetic insurance, there is a fixed low price for all the rental time, we will add more soon…

Payment Methods


There is currently available 3 payment Methods, you can pay with Credit and Debit card (via Paypal), use your Paypal account or transfer the money to a bank account, we will add more methods really soon…

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